Discipleship is the lifelong journey of making better disciples by nurturing others in the community of faith and making more disciples by sharing faith in Jesus with the community at large.

We are intentional about equipping and mentoring God’s children across all ages using practical, relevant material, courses, special events and activities that has a theoretical base. However, theoretical information alone without application will not produce disciples or disciple makers. 
Therefore the purpose of our discipleship journey is to better equip disciples to become disciple making disciples for the kingdom of God.

No matter your background, culture, upbringing or age, Adventist Fellowship will partner with you to:
(we have Spanish and Korean speaking leaders ready to support you if English is not your first language)

- GROW: growing in the knowledge of God’s Word and what He wants to do in and through us
- WORSHIP: experience authentic worship of God as a way of life flowing from a deep sense of gratitude 
- SERVE: serving other in the home, church and community through practical ways
- PREPARE: make new friends and show Jesus’ love through your care and service to their needs
- SOW: introduce others to Jesus, His love, care, soon return and desire to be a part of
their life
- CULTIVATE: nurture the desire to know/ experience Jesus through Bible study and
- HARVEST: offer people a clear invitation to commit and become disciples of Jesus
- CONNECT: develop healthy relationships in the home, church and wider community

This year we are offering a discipleship journey for the following age groups:

“Tulsa Tigers” ages 4 to 10: meets every Wednesday 6 (in person)
“Tulsa Twisters” ages 11 - 16: meets every Wednesday from 6 (in person)
“Digging deeper in the Word” all ages: meets every Wednesday 6 - 7pm (in person)
"Women at the well” all ages: meets every Thursday 7 to 8pm (in person)